macOS Catalina is Now Available

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macOS Catalina is Now Available

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Faculty and Staff, 

Information Technology Division announces the launch of Apple’s newest operating system, macOS Catalina, to the TCU campus. The new version is now available for all on campus Macintosh computers and has been approved by the macOS Committee. Please, see the information below about the upgrade process. 

Why should I upgrade now? 

We encourage you to upgrade at your earliest convenience so you have the opportunity to plan for the transition. Otherwise, the upgrade will be mandatory this summer and will be pushed out to machines that have not yet completed the upgrade and it might not be a convenient time for you.  

Upgrading also presents you with a series of enhancements that will help to improve your overall experience. Check out the latest features on the following website: 

How do I start the Catalina upgrade? 

The instructions are listed in our knowledge-base here

The process is very simple, but it is important that you understand what needs to be done before you begin.  Please, review the following reminders before opening the attachment.   

Here are a few important reminders: 

  1. This upgrade will take up to 90 minutes to complete so plan accordingly. 
  2. If you use Microsoft Office 2011, you will need to install Office 2019 from the Self Service app in the Applications folder because Office 2011 does not work with Catalina.
  3. Backup any important data in case you run into problems during the upgrade. 
  4. Laptops should be connected to power and a wired network connection before starting the process. 
  5. Your machine must already be running Mac OS 10.9 or later to be eligible for the upgrade and must meet the minimum requirements. 
  6. Be prepared to upgrade any specialized third-party software that you installed on your machine in case the version that you are running is not compatible with Catalina.

**Starting with macOS Catalina, 32-bit apps are no longer compatible with macOS. The attached document explains how to check if you have 32-bit applications on your current computer. 

The IT Support HelpDesk will be more than happy to answer questions about this change, but the process is easy enough that you should be able to complete the upgrade on your own.