Cable TV Connections in Residence Halls

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Cable TV Connections in Residence Halls

Cable TV services that were offered in the residence halls have changed since last semester. After reviewing the usage of our SpectrumU system, we have decided to discontinue the service to students on campus.

We paired this decision with the dramatic increase in students bringing in their own streaming services and utilized the Cable TV cost savings to almost double our network bandwidth to the TCU community.

This change means that you will not only have better experiences with your own streaming services while on campus, but with all Internet based services whether it be for personal or academic use.

NOTE: Keep in mind that Lobby TVs will continue to have active Cable TV service. This change only affects the physical cable connections in the residence hall rooms and your ability to connect to our SpectrumU streaming system.

Computer Replacement Program Update


We are happy to announce that the four-year-cycle computer replacement program will be back up and running by January 2022 after being on hold during the pandemic.

The program will be slightly different as we adjust to the resulting backlog, a revised budget and shipping delays (currently up to 6 months), but be assured that TCU will continue to provide centralized funding for every faculty and staff member to have a primary computer that is refreshed regularly, as well as provide repair and loaners.

For now, TCU IT is addressing computer replacements that were deferred during the pandemic, and recovering and redeploying computers that were temporarily deployed during the pandemic. Priority will be placed on refreshing computers used in teaching labs and computers for existing faculty, and providing new or less than one-year-old computers for new faculty.

Existing Employees

  • If you think it is time for your computer to be replaced per the four-year cycle, IT will have that record and will notify you soon. Please, be patient as IT moves through the process of catching up.
  • If your TCU computer needs to be repaired, IT will cover the repairs if it is less than 4 years old OR it is the designated primary computer of any age.

New Employees

  • All new employees at TCU will receive new or like-new computers.


  • The IT Coordinator or technical contact for your college or school is your point person for all computer questions, including replacement and repair. Please, address all questions to them.

Teresa Abi-Nader DalbergBryan Lucas
Provost and Vice Chancellor
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Chief Technology Officer
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