eduroam Launched to Campus

This summer we launched the eduroam network to replace StuWireless and TCU Personal for student and employee personally owned devices.You must move your devices to the eduroam network as the other networks will be turned off int eh early part of August 2018.   Once you’re connected to eduroam, you can enjoy WiFi access at [ Read More ]

myTCU Redesigned is being upgraded to improve the user experience across all platforms, including mobile, a medium in which user access has tripled in recent years, and large-screen formats. Additionally, there will be larger menu buttons for easier selection and simplified navigation from the home page.   “This initial phase of the new interface has been [ Read More ]

Password Self-Service

We have completed the enhancements to our password self-service site and are now ready for you to re-enroll in the system.  This process will only take a few minutes to complete and will reduce your need to contact the IT Support HelpDesk if you forget your TCU password.  Keep in mind that if you created [ Read More ]

TCU Adobe Site License

We are excited to announce that Information Technology has purchased a site license for Adobe Creative Suite.  You will now be able to install this software on any campus-owned machine (provided it meets the system requirements). Employees can also install the software at home on a personally-owned computer to use for employment-related purposes . It [ Read More ]

Microsoft Office Work-At-Home Software

Work at Home copies of Microsoft Office 2010 and 2011 are now available to TCU current faculty and staff from There will be a cost of $19.95 for the download; this will be the only way to obtain the new versions of Office per our license agreement with Microsoft. You must be a current [ Read More ]