Planned myTCU Outage

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Planned myTCU Outage

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On Friday, July 19 at 5p.m., we will take myTCU down to do a system upgrade.  We should have everything back up by noon on Saturday, July 20.  This upgrade is focused on security and backend features so you will not experience any significant changes when you log back in.

Keep in mind that myTCU manages multiple systems across campus so you will not have access to the following items during the upgrade:

  • myTCU Portal
    • Student Center
    • Employee Center
    • TCU Account Creation
    • AGOT Account Creation
    • Device Registration
  • Campus Solutions
  • Human Resources
  • Financials

If you have any questions, please contact the IT Support HelpDesk for assistance.

Password Self-Service Changes

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On Monday, July 8th we will be making some security enhancements to our password self-service site (  This is the webpage that you visit when you have forgotten or need to change your TCU password.

What do I need to do?

These enhancements will require everyone to re-enroll with a new set of security questions and an email will go out on Monday morning to let you know what to do.  The process will only take a few minutes and we encourage you to re-enroll as soon as the message goes out to the campus.

If you have any questions, please call the IT Support HelpDesk for assistance.

Homefile Upgrade

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This weekend we will be doing an upgrade to the server that houses the Homefile shares.   These are commonly referred to as your personal share or your M drive.  This system will be taken offline at 10pm on Friday, June 14th and will not be available until Saturday, June 15th at 5pm.   If you plan to use any files located on these shares this weekend, then it is important that you download them to your computer since the server will not be available.

What do I need to do after the upgrade?
Windows users will have to reboot their computer and Mac users will have to remap their shares in order to connect to the new server.  Please, watch for an email on Saturday night, which will include instructions on how to get reconnected to the share.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the IT Support HelpDesk at (817) 257-6855.

Purchasing Order Cut-off Date

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The end of the Spring semester is fast approaching and is bringing us closer to the end of fiscal year 2013. To make certain that all technology purchasing requests using current fiscal year funds are fulfilled before the end of the budget year, Information Technology will stop processing technology equipment orders for fiscal year 2013 on Wednesday, May 1st, 2013 at 5 p.m.

The cut-off is necessary so that any equipment orders placed using current fiscal year funds are received in the current fiscal year and not billed to fiscal year 2014.  We will do our best to make sure equipment is received before the end of May, but cannot guarantee delivery due to variable lead times (some Apple computer orders are taking 4 to 6 weeks to receive).   Make sure to order sooner rather than later to avoid this issue.

***Please, email for all technology purchasing questions or requests.***

Be aware that orders received for technology related equipment after May 1, 2013 will be processed in fiscal year 2014.

Acquisitions Policy

Keep in mind that all computers, software, and other computer related technology purchases must be placed through the Information Technology purchasing department.  Technology purchases made outside of Information Technology cannot be put on the TCU network and can create support limitations for you and the product. The policy for Computer Technology Acquisitions can be found by visiting the following link: