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Identity Finder at TCU

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Faculty/Staff, in the summer of 2012, Information Technology pushed Identity Finder out to all TCU owned computers, and we began a two part plan to utilize the tool to locate and remove Sensitive Personal Information (SPI) stored locally on campus machines.

We have now moved to the second part of this implementation which includes having Identity Finder run a scan of your machine in the background and then send a report back to our centralized server.  This will help to ensure that our campus users are keeping their computers free of SPI and doing their part to help protect the university.

What does this mean for me?
Since the Information Technology division has started the second part of this rollout, we have identified a select list of individuals across campus who have an unacceptable quantity of SPI stored on their machines.

If you are part of this group, then an email will be sent to you tomorrow and you will have thirty days to remove/clean the content off of your device as per the TCU SPI policy (

How do I keep myself off of this list?
The easy way to clean your machine is to run Identity Finder and address the items that it finds.  Take a few moments and watch the following instructional videos to learn more about how this process works. Please, copy and paste the links into your web browser.

Video for Mac Users

Video for Windows Users

Identity Finder FAQ