Developing a business case and obtaining funding

Purposes of TCU Data Warehouse

  • To eliminate manually intensive data gathering, cleaning, and reporting processes.
  • To build the foundation for a fully integrated reporting platform.
  • To provide relevant, accurate and timely information to University community.

Lessons Learned from Other Institutions

  • According to Educause Core Data Service in FY 2012/2013 approximately 80% of US institutions had some type of BI reporting system, and 71% of US institutions had some type of data warehouse systems*.




  • The BI reporting and data warehouse market space is relatively diverse. Only 52% of the market is using the top-five BI reporting vendors, and only 50% of the market is using the top-five data warehouse vendors*.

BI Reporting System Market Share*


Data Warehouse System Market Share*


Examples of most successful University Data Warehouses and BI solutions:

* “BI reporting, Data Warehouse Systems, and Beyond” by Leah LangJudith A. Pirani  (