Office 365 for TCU Students



    1. O365 Features/Eligibility
    2. Email Login
    3. Device Connection Settings
    4. New Functionality
    5. Navigating O365
    6. Getting Help

 1.  O365 Features/Eligibility

Office 365 (O365) is now available to all TCU students and provides students with email, cloud file storagecollaboration services, and free downloads of the latest version of Office. Using Office 365, along with OneDrive, gives students access to everything they need with a consistent experience across devices.

Some of the O365 benefits/features:

  • TCU Email
    • Students (who graduate after 2013) get to keep the TCU email account for the life of the service.
    • Mailbox size is 50GB.
  • OneDrive
    • Access to Microsoft OneDrive with 1TB of online storage
  • Download Office Apps
    • Ability to download and install Microsoft Office on up to 5 devices for free.
  • Office Online
    • Access to Microsoft Online with the ability and collaborate on documents live with others.

Who gets access to O365?

  • Current Students, Incoming Students, and Alumni that graduated after January 2013 will have TCU O365.
    • Alumni are considered students that completed a degree with the university.
    • Students who leave the university and do no complete a degree will lose access to their email 12 months after their last semester at TCU.
    • Incoming students who never attended the university will lose access a few months after the beginning of their intended semester.
  • Access for Alumni that graduated after January of 2013 will continue for the life of the O365 service that Microsoft provides to university students.

2.  Student Email

    • Open your web browser and go to
    • When prompted, login with your TCU username and password.

3.  Device Setup Instructions

4.  New Functionality

  • O365 comes with a ton of new functionality.  Take a few minutes to look over the following material to learn more about how to install office on your personal computer and how you can use OneDrive to improve your campus collaborative experience.

5.  How do I get around in Office 365?

One good way to navigate between your apps and services is by using the Office 365 app launcher. Using the app launcher, you not only see what all is available to you, you can use it navigate around in Office 365. Choose a tile to go to the app or service that you want to use.


6.  Getting Help With O365


Reach out to the IT Support HelpDesk for assistance with all of your technical needs.  Our calling center provides front-line support to faculty, staff, and students via phone, chat, and remote support tools.  This is the central hub of our organization and is the first place that you should contact when you are having technical difficulties.  If we are not able to resolve your issue at this level then it will be escalated to the appropriate team for processing.