Adobe Work-at-Home Licensing

Policy Information

  • Adobe Work-At-Home products are available only for current TCU faculty and staff to use on personally owned devices.
  • Single Work-At-Home license keys cost $9.75 and expire every year on October 1st, regardless of the installation date. A new license must be requested every September/October.
  • Work-at-home software is to be used solely for employment related purposes. The software is not owned by the university employee and there is no option to purchase a perpetual license through the work-at-home option. However, faculty and staff may purchase a perpetual license for Adobe software from
  • Work-at-home software is licensed for current university employees only. The application user agrees to remove the software when employment is ceased at TCU.
  • Technology support on personally owned devices that are using this software is limited (see support section below).

Work-at-Home Installation Instructions (click the corresponding icon)

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Licensing Agreement Details

The license will expire on October 1st of each year, regardless of when the software was installed. A new key must be requested every September, using the same process as described in the installation instructions above.


The work-at-home software does not qualify for any free upgrades. If a new version is released at any point during the agreement year, you can purchase a copy of the new version on your own or wait until the TCU Work-at-Home licensing agreement is renewed.

Installation and Purchase Limitations

Adobe work-at-home software may be installed on two machines. The software can also be uninstalled from one machine and installed on a new machine. To complete this process the product serial number must also be deactivated from the original machine. Information about moving the software from one machine to another is available at Each faculty or staff member may order only one copy of each program during the license year.


Technical assistance from TCU is limited since the Work-at-Home software resides on personal machines that are not owned or managed by the University.  The IT Support HelpDesk will not be able to assist with training, application support, or the installation of the Work-at-Home products on your personal device.  Listed below are several free support options available to you:

System Requirements

In order to use the Adobe software to its fullest capabilities it is critical that the machine meets minimum requirements for installation. Prior to purchase and installation of any Adobe software, please verify that the computer meets Adobe’s suggested Minimum System Requirements necessary to operate the software. Requirements can be found at

***Please note: After Effects and Premier Pro software are 64-bit applications and will not operate on a 32-bit machine. Check the machine to verify compatibility prior to using either of these 64-bit programs.