Employee Purchases

TCU has established purchase programs with select vendors for hardware and software purchased for personal use.

WARNING:  This is for personal purchases ONLY.  All technical equipment and/or software that is purchased for TCU must go through the IT Purchasing group.  You will NOT be reimbursed by TCU for purchases made for personal use.

Apple Store for Education

The Apple Store for Education also offers special pricing for TCU Faculty and Staff. Go to http://store.apple.com/us-hed or call 1-800-MY APPLE.

Dell University Program

Dell offers educational discounts for TCU Faculty and Staff.  Go to www.dell.com/dellu/tcu.  Member ID: US126608309

Free Work-At-Home Licenses for Faculty/Staff

Note:  You must be a current faculty/staff member to utilize these options.

Paid Software Licenses for Faculty/Staff for Personal Use (at a discount)

TCU employees can purchase personal/work-at-home copies of certain software packages. You must be a current faculty or staff with a TCU email address and you will also be asked to provide one of the following:

  • A current faculty/staff ID (one with a current date is preferred)
  • Faculty or staff paycheck stub (please black out any private information)
  • A yearly contract from the school
  • A letter from a department director verifying your employment
  • Anything else that would have your name, the school name, and a current date on it showing you are employed there

Visit https://onthehub.com/search to learn more.

Note: All purchases for personal use are made at the discretion of the purchaser and not reimbursed by the University. No hardware or software support is provided by TCU Information Technology for personal computers beyond a basic review of your issue.