Student Purchases

What kind of computer should I bring to school?

Your choice of computer is purely a matter of personal preference.  Both Windows and Macintosh computer platforms are supported on campus.

NOTE:  It is recommended that you contact the department of your major study to found out any requirements or recommendations.  For example, the Neeley School of Business now requires students to bring a PC laptop or notebook computer.

Make sure to take advantage of the following educational discounts if you are looking for a new computer:

  • Apple Store for Education

  • Dell University Student Program

    • Dell offers educational discounts to students.  Go to  Member ID: US126608309

Student Software Program

  • Microsoft Office – Office 365

    • Free downloads of Office are provided with your O365 email account at TCU.  Versions for Macintosh, Windows and mobile devices are available.  Details can be found at the O365 page.  Keep in mind that you will only retain access to this software while you are an active student so plan accordingly when you graduate or leave the University.