Supported Computers

In general, TCU plans for a 4 year lifecycle for computers and devices. Computers or devices retired in a given fiscal year will have their support extended until May 31st of following fiscal year. After that date, the resources to effectively support the hardware or software for that model of computer can no longer be provided by TCU Information Technology due to constraints on parts and software availability of older model computers.  New computers must be purchased through Information Technology.  For questions, please contact the IT Support Helpdesk at (817) 257-6855.

Hardware Repairs

Machines purchased through TCU Information Technology are purchased with a 4 year warranty that covers all of the hardware for the computer.  If a hardware failure occurs outside of the warranty period the cost of the repair must be paid using departmental funds.

Purchasing Computers

TCU departments are urged to purchase computers through the Information Technology department.  Consulting and purchase requests can be made by calling (817) 257-6800 or sending email to The university has a Computer Replacement Program to replace lab, faculty and staff computers.  By ordering equipment through Information Technology, you will be eligible to receive purchase consultation, installation and ongoing support.

Minimum Specifications of Supported Computers

The Minimum Specification List is intended to provide the TCU community with minimum standards for personal computers that can be installed on the TCU network.  Supported systems include all “business line” models from Apple or Hewlett Packard/Compaq and will be considered priorities for network installation.  Adherence to the listed standards will allow Information Technology to provide timely service and support for your personal computers.