Wireless Policy

Ownership and Management of Radio Airspace

  1. Texas Christian University is the owner of the unlicensed radio frequencies on campus. These include the FCC 2.4 GHz Industrial/Scientific/Medical (ISM) and the 5 GHz Unlicensed National Information Infrastructure (UNII) bands used in wireless networking. Information Technology is responsible for managing these radio frequencies for the benefit of the University community. Information Technology may restrict use of any devices that can cause interference in the unlicensed radio frequencies ranges. These include cordless phones, microwave ovens, high voltage audio speakers, etc.
  2. Information Technology is solely responsible for providing wireless networking services on campus. No other department may deploy wireless network access points or other wireless service on campus. Private wireless access points in the dormitories or offices are strictly prohibited.
  3. Information Technology is responsible for maintaining a secure network and will deploy adequate security procedures to support wireless networking on campus.
  4. The University will deploy a campus wireless network, based on the 802.11 standards. Information Technology will work with departments to accommodate special needs, where technically feasible. Information Technology will collaborate with academic departments where devices used for specific educational or research applications may require specific solutions.
  5. Information Technology will develop a procedure for the temporary use of a wireless access point to support campus events.

Wireless Service Considerations

  1. Applications that require large amounts of bandwidth, or are sensitive to changes in signal quality and strength may not be appropriate for wireless access.
  2. Most all of campus should be accessible via the wireless network. This includes dormitories, academic buildings, and common lawn areas.
  3. Parking lots are not covered by the wireless network.

Standards supported

  1. IEEE 802.11g is the preferred wireless networking standard.
  2. IEEE 802.1X is the authentication standard.
  3. Information Technology will require the use of specific hardware for Faculty/Staff (applies to the network infrastructure) that are known to function well with TCU’s wireless network.


  1. This policy will be reviewed on a regular basis.
  2. Information Technology will create procedures to execute this document, and to inform the University community of its existence and importance.