Student Wired Network Setup

Big Connection Changes to StuWired

As of July of 2018, students are no longer required to register their wired mac address to connect a device to the StuWired network.  These jacks are only located in the student rooms in the residence halls across campus.  Just plug your device into a BLUE wired port in your residence hall and the device will automatically get an IP and connect to the network.

Warning:  Only the BLUE wired network jacks grant you Internet access.  The image below indicates what you are looking for.

How do I get an Ethernet cable?

The IT Support HelpDesk will provide you with a 5ft Ethernet cable if you need one.  Just visit our office to pickup a cable today.

How to Get Help – Phone, Walk-up and Self-Service Options


  • Call Us – (817) 257-5855
  • Our Open Hours
  • Visit the IT Support HelpDesk located on the first floor of Mary Couts Burnett Library