Unsecured Wireless – TCU Registered

As part of a multiphased plan to enhance the student wireless experience, we launched a new network called TCU Registered.  This network is designed to allow your non-WPA2 Enterprise devices to connect to the wireless network.  These are items like the Amazon Echo, Apple HomePod, Google Home, and a series of other tools. 

How does this affect me?

Until now students were only able to connect your Mac, Windows, iOS, or Android devices to the wireless network via eduroam.  With the launch of TCU Registered, you will now be able to connect your other equipment to the Internet as well. 

Note: The TCU Registered network is for non-wpa2 enterprise compliant devices only and you should NOT attempt to move your current devices on eduroam over to this new location. Additionally, devices that are registered on this network that do not comply with policy will be removed without notice.  This network is also not available to Faculty/Staff.

How do I register a device on TCU Registered?

Unlike the eduroam network, TCU Registered requires you to register the mac address of the device in myTCU before it can be connected.  Here are some instructions to begin the process:

Registration Page in myTCU: 

Login to myTCU -> Technology Tile -> TCU Network Registration

Add the mac address of your device to this page and then wait three minutes before attempting to connect it to the TCU Registered network. 

Registration Instructions:

In many cases, getting the information that you need to complete the registration can be a complicated process.  We recommend that you visit the IT FrogPad in the Library with your device to get connected to the TCU Registered network. 

Smart TVs, Wired Streaming Devices, and Game Consoles:

While these devices can be connected to the new TCU Registered network, we recommend that you leave them connected to the wired network for a better video streaming and gameplay experience.