Cable TV & Streaming Service

What is SpectrumU?

SpectrumU provides the cable tv and streaming service to the TCU community with local channels and most major cable networks. You will be able to watch entertainment, music, and news through your TV or many different streaming devices.

Accessing SpectrumU – Streaming and Traditional Connections

Warning: You MUST be connected to the TCU on campus network in order for streaming services to work.

You will be able to access cable channels via two methods when you are on campus.  Click the link to learn more about each of these connection options.

Who can use SpectrumU streaming?

    • Current students who live in on campus housing (Grand Marc excluded as they have their own cable TV provider) that is connected to the on campus network.
    • Any current faculty/staff member that is connected to the on campus network. 
    • You MUST be connected to the TCU on campus network in order for streaming services to work.

Standard Cable TV Options

  1. Connect your TV to the cable wall outlet in your dorm room or office with an RF cable. Students can receive one RF cable from the IT HelpDesk in the library.
  2. After connecting the cable, you will need to do a channel scan. Please see your TV manual on how to scan for channels for your TV model.

SpectrumU Streaming Options

SpectrumU provides a streaming service that allows access to Live TV as well as on-demand movies and TV shows. SpectrumU has channels and content for every kind of viewer.

With Live TV streaming, you are able to tune into hundreds of channels where you can stream live TV to device. What you can watch is based on what is being broadcast at that time. Also, SpectrumU has more channels available than the cable service.

On-demand viewing utilizes a catalog of movies and TV shows that you are able to select and watch at anytime. The on-demand content has more than 7,000 hours of previous episodes, full series, popular movies, and more.

How do I access SpectrumU streaming?

  • Visit the Apple App Store®, Google Play® or Amazon Appstore to download SpectrumU® (TIP:To avoid finding the separate SpectrumTV app, search for “SpectrumU,” not just “Spectrum”)
  • To access via Roku® devices, select Spectrum TV from the Roku Channel Store
  • To view SpectrumU on a computer or laptop, visit
  • Please note some channels will only be available while connected to a TCU network.

What devices are compatible for SpectrumU streaming?

  • All major Android™ smartphones and tablets running Android™ 5 or above
  • iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running iOS® 11 or above
  • Kindle Fire Phone, all Kindle Fire models except for the first-generation model
  • Mac: Safari 7 or newer, Firefox 45 or newer or Chrome 43 or newer
  • Windows: IE 11, Chrome 43 or newer, Firefox 45 or newer or MS Edge 12 or newer
  • Roku: All second-generation players and TVs

Does my TCU credential allow me to log into Network apps such as HBO Max?

Your TCU credential will not work for any network app including HBO Max. Any shows or channels included in SpectrumU are now accessible through SpectrumU website or streaming apps.