Cable TV FAQ

My television was working fine and now it is not getting any/all of the channels. What’s wrong?

If there has been a power interruption in your hall, the television set may have lost the memory function for cable channel selection.

  • Repeat the steps in your television owner’s manual for cable channel recognition (or channel scanning).
  • If your television has a remote control, the batteries in the remote may have died. Repeat the steps for cable channel recognition (or channel scanning). Most remote controls have a menu button that steps you through this process.
  • Check the connection on the cable from the wall jack to your set to ensure that it is secure.
  • Turn the device off, unplug it from power, and bring it back up again.

My television receives the QAM digital channels but I do not have audio on the digital channels. What’s the problem?

If your TV was manufactured prior to 2008 there is the possibility the TV may require a QAM converter.  Here is an example of a QAM unit that you can purchase.

Sometimes my television reception is good and sometimes it isn’t. What’s the deal?

If you have a coaxil cable connection with clip on connectors rather than one with screw on connectors, that may be the problem. Many students have found the TV reception improves when they change the coaxil type. Also, placing the base of a cordless phone next to the TV will interfere with the reception.

My television set is brand new so I should be able to get the digital channels, right?

Most new TV sets are digital but may not have a QAM tuner. Check the owner’s manual that came with the TV to verify the set has a QAM tuner or check the specifications online for the brand and model you have purchased. If your TV does not have a QAM tuner a converter box with a QAM tuner will be required.

I’ve heard TCU is TiVo Friendly.  What does that mean?

When referring to TCU as TiVo-friendly we mean each dorm room is provided with a telephone line and a cable TV connection; the essentials you need to deploy the TiVo service.  The TCU Connect Channel Guide is available from the TiVo set up menu in the 76129 zip code. TCU is not responsible for the connection of any DVR recorders or TiVo units. You must call TiVo to activate the service. TCU does not charge an additional fee to use a DVR nor do we rent or sell DVRs.

NOTE: TiVo Series 2 is not compatible with our system.

I want my TV to be able to connect to the internet and stream video.

This can be done using a wired Ethernet cable (which you can get for free from the IT Support HelpDesk).  Once you get the cable you can connect your TV to the blue port in your room to get internet access.  You can also register your tv on the TCU Registered network but be aware that wired connections always preform better.

I cannot program my television set (or remote control) no matter how hard I try. Can I call someone to do it for me?

First make certain that the set is cable ready, minimum 100-channel capacity, that the batteries in the remote are good, that you have plugged your TV in the coaxial port in your room and set the unit to scan for channels.

Contact the IT Support HelpDesk and we can schedule a time to work with you onsite.