Zoom Now Requires Passcodes

On Sunday, September 27th, Zoom will be adding a requirement that all meetings have a passcode enabled for each session.  To prepare the campus for this change, we are turning that requirement on NOW (for new sessions) so meetings that you create going forward will have this functionality in place.

Zoom is adding this requirement to help enforce some best practices that limit Zoombombing and protect your meeting.

If you have any existing meetings that are planned to occur after September 27th, please review the information below as you may have to take action to address this change.

Preparing For This Change

Once Zoom puts this requirement in place (on September 27th), any existing meetings that don’t have a passcode turned on will automatically have a waiting room enabled. 

Note:  This means that if you don’t take action, you will need to be prepared to manually allow each of your users into your session(s).

If you would like to address this change on any existing meeting that you have, you can do the following:

  1. Open the Zoom app and login with your TCU username and password
  2. Click on Meetings at the top
  3. Select the meeting that you want to update and then click Edit
  4. Check the box for passcode (modify the code if you wish)
  5. Communicate the passcode to your attendees

What if I created a reoccurring meeting for my class?

If you created a reoccurring Zoom meeting in TCU Online, you have three options since the course calendar will not update when you modify the meeting:

  1. You can delete the existing reoccurring event and create a new one with a passcode turned on. This will update the TCU Online course calendar which many students use but we recommend that you notify your students once you do this.
  2. You can manually add a passcode using the instructions above and just communicate the passcode to each class. They will still be able to use the link in the course calendar and will be prompted for the passcode when they join.
  3. Take NO action and just allow Zoom to force the addition of a waiting room after September 27th. If you select this option, you will have to manually allow each student into your class sessions.