Account Management

What is a TCU account?

All TCU faculty, staff and students are provided accounts to access the TCU email system, the campus network, file services and the portal at For employees, accounts are created after hiring.  For students, accounts are created by the student.

How do I get an account?

To create an account for email, portal, and network access at TCU, go to and click the Need a TCU User Name? button. You must have all of your paperwork turned into HR before you will be given an ID number to start this process.

What do I get access to by default?

Your access very much depends on the type of employee that you are and the roles that have been assigned to your position. Generally, you will have access to the following by default:

  1. myTCU (campus portal at
  2. TCU email ( for employees and for students)
  3. Personal file share space (HomeFile for employees)
  4. Your department’s primary share for employees (CommonFile)
  5. Access to your departmental printers for employees
  6. eduroam (wifi for personal devices of employees and students)

When will my account expire?

Employee accounts will remain active while employed at TCU. Employee accounts are disabled as soon as HR processes the termination paperwork so make sure that you have removed any personal data that you might need before this is done. Additionally, retirees may keep email accounts active after leaving TCU. Student accounts will remain active for two full semesters after leaving TCU.

How do I get additional access?

Your supervisor or the owner of the resource must make a request to grant you additional access. These resources can be things like additional shares, other mailboxes, printers, and PeopleSoft access.

Password Self-Service

Visit to utilize our password self-service tool. This will allow you to unlock your account, change your password, create security questions, or reset your password if you have forgotten it.

Okta MFA

Visit to enroll in the service or get information on how to change or modify your existing factors. If you no longer have access to any of your factors, you will need to contact the IT Support HelpDesk directly to do some user verification and then a reset on your account.