About IT

Information Technology Division

Our goal is to provide the TCU campus with superior technology and a robust infrastructure that will meet the needs of a growing student and employee population. We are dedicated to securing, supporting, and assisting users with the technology services that we provide.

Our group is divided into five major departments that focus on a specific areas and each team works together to provide you with a positive technological experience. See the departmental list on the side bar for links to the individual departments homepages (the sidebar may be listed at the bottom of the page if you are on a mobile device). 

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 Who do I contact for help?

IT Support HelpDesk

The IT Support HelpDesk is TCU’s one-stop shop for assistance with IT related applications, advice on best technology practices, and serves as front-line support for computer related questions across campus. We may not control all the technology on campus, but we work with the people who can provide you with a solution.

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Classroom & Instructional Support

The Instructional Support team is the frontline team for assistance with technology in the classroom. Call us when you run into problem during class and we can be onsite within 5 to 10 minutes of the report of a problem.

IT Purchasing

IT Purchasing guides technology standards & purchasing at TCU. On a daily basis we issue purchase orders, monitor fulfillment, and ensure delivery accuracy. In cooperation with other IT departments, we periodically review & update technology standards in order to meet new campus requirements.

Technical Services

Technical Services is the university community’s source for office telephone, voice, and cable television services.