Computer Management

Support for TCU-Owned Equipment:  Laptops, Desktops, and Tablets

TCU will provide employees with software and hardware support for all TCU-owned machines. Keep in mind that once the warranty on a device has ended our support will become very limited. We are more than happy to help you setup your device on your first day or work, but make sure to reach out to the IT Support HelpDesk to schedule an appointment ahead of time.

Support for Personal Devices

Support for personally-owned employee devices is limited. Our support structure is funded and designed to provide support for only devices and equipment that TCU owns. See the BYOD Policy for more information about support for personal devices.  Support for student-owned devices is limited to network connections and email setup.

What type of software support is provided?

Our consultants have experience with all of the application software that comes on the standard campus image. Furthermore,  assistance is provided for any campus licensed software, such as Adobe CC and SPSS. Keep in mind that we do not have experience with every third party application that you can download to your machine and we may refer you to the manufacturer for assistance. Following is a list of the base items installed on our image:

  • Windows 10
    – Adobe Acrobat DC – Altris (System Management Tool) – Office 2019 – iTunes/Quicktime – Internet Explorer – Sophos (Virus Protection) – 7-Zip – Spirion (SPI Scanner) – Secunia (3rd Party Management Tool)
  • Mac 10.15 (Catalina)
    – Adobe Acrobat DC – Office 2019 – iTunes/Quicktime – Safari – Sophos (Virus Protection) – Spirion (SPI Scanner) – Jamf Pro (System Management Tool) – iTunes/Quicktime – Self Service (Portal to install TCU-provided software)

Note: We do have campus licenses for Adobe Creative Cloud, SPSS and a series of other applications. See the Software Application service page for more information. These are limited to TCU-owned computers only.

Hardware Warranty vs Non-Warranty?

Our hardware group will do warranty repair on TCU-owned machines when a hardware failure occurs . The issue starts with our IT Support Consultants who will take a look at your system and escalate the issue over to our hardware group if needed. Non-warranty repairs will be done at the cost of the department and our support for devices outside of their warranty time frame will be limited.  Students with hardware problems need to find a retail establishment to repair the machine.  

Note: Make sure to request a loaner machine if you do not have a secondary machine to use while your computer is being repaired. These devices will only be given out if your computer is going to be out of service for an extended period of time.

Where do I store my data?

If your machine has a hardware or software failure, we will attempt to backup and restore all of your data before bringing the machine back to you. We recommend that you backup all of your work related data to your HomeFile share. Information on how to access this share can be found under the Shares Service Page or in our Knowledgebase.

Virus/Spyware Protection

All TCU-owned computers have Sophos installed to help protect the machines from infection. We push out virus updates in the background and preform a daily scan of your computer to search for infected files. If your machine gets infected with Spyware,please contact the HelpDesk and an IT Support Consultant will work with you to clean off the malicious software.  Students also have access to download free virus protection for personal machines.