IT Purchasing

About IT Purchasing

IT Purchasing guides technology standards & purchasing at TCU. On a daily basis we issue purchase orders, monitor fulfillment, and ensure delivery accuracy. In cooperation with other IT departments, we periodically review & update technology standards in order to meet new campus requirements.  Before making any work related purchase it is important to read and understand the TCU Acquisition Policy.

Inquires and Contact Information

Purchasing Computers

TCU departments are urged to purchase computers through the Information Technology department.  Consulting and purchase requests can be made by sending an email to The university has a Computer Replacement Program to replace lab, faculty and staff computers.  By ordering equipment through Information Technology, you will be eligible to receive purchase consultation, installation and ongoing support.

Computer Replacement Program

NOTE:  All of the information on these pages is subject to change as our response to the COVID-19 crisis unfolds.  For questions about when the program will be reinstated, please put in a ticket with the IT Support HelpDesk and they will put you in touch with the correct person.

Faculty and Staff computers are currently replaced on a four year cycle and eligible devices can be identified by using our Inventory Management System.  The following links will provide you with some additional information on the program.

Personal Purchases by Employees and Students

Several hardware and software products such as Windows 8, Office 2011, Office 2013 and Adobe Creative Suite are available for purchase by TCU faculty and staff and students.  Details are located on the Employee Purchases page and the Student Purchases page.

Purchases with TCU Funds and Grants

Information Technology is available for consultation and collaboration during your grant proposal development process. By contacting Information Technology early within this process, you will save time and ensure that your proposed computer-related purchases meet TCU’s Acquisition Policy.

Billing for Purchased Devices

Keep in mind that you will be required to provide us with a departmental billing code for any purchases that you make.  Please get approval from your supervisor before making a purchase.  They should be able to direct you to the budget manager in the department for this information if they do not already have it.