Adobe CC Work-at-Home

  1. Policy Information
  2. Installation Instructions
  3. Usage Limitations
  4. Support for Personal Devices
  5. System Requirements
  6. Get Online Training

Policy Information

  • The work-at-home functionality is only available to those that have a Named User License (NUL).
  • You will only be allowed to login with your Named User License on two computers (including your work machines) at any given time so choose wisely when moving between your TCU owned and personal devices.
  • Work-at-home functionality is to be used solely for employment related purposes. The software is not owned by the university employee and there is no option to purchase a perpetual license. However, faculty and staff may purchase personal subscription of Adobe CC on their own if they have needs that are not work related.
  • Named licenses require periodic Internet connectivity.  Computers must connect to Adobe servers for initial activation, and then at least once every 99 days.
  • Technology support on personally owned devices that are using this software is limited (see support section below).

Installation Instructions

These instructions will walk you through how to install the named user license on a windows or mac computer (TCU-owned or personal).  Keep in mind that you must reach out to the IT Support HelpDesk an put in a request to update or install the shared device license on a lab, classroom, or shared computer.

Warning – You are limited to using Adobe CC on two devices at the same time with a named user device license.

Usage Limitations

An Adobe Named User License may be installed on as many machines as you want but you are limited to being able to use the products on two machines at the same time. Be sure to close the Adobe products and login out of Creative Cloud when you move between your TCU owned and personally owned devices to avoid this limitation.

Support for Personal Devices

Technical assistance from TCU is limited for personal machines that are not owned or managed by the University.  The IT Support HelpDesk will not be able to assist with training, application support, or the installation of products on your personal device.  Listed below are several free support options available to you:

System Requirements

In order to use the Adobe software to its fullest capabilities it is critical that the machine meets minimum requirements for installation. Prior to the installation of any Adobe software, please verify that the computer meets Adobe’s suggested Minimum System Requirements necessary to operate the software. Requirements can be found at

Get Online Training

Keep in mind that support for Adobe products is limited and learning to use the products requires that you invest time in training/research.  Employees will be expected to learn how to utilize the products themselves.

Check out the following Adobe CC tutorials for additional assistance: