Okta MFA Launch

What is Okta MFA?

Okta Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) is similar to the Two-Factor Authentication system that we used to protect sensitive data in myTCU when you were off campus. MFA is an extra layer of security used to make sure that people trying to gain access to a TCU account from off-campus are who they say they are.  Learn more about the tool at http://it.tcu.edu/okta.


How this be launched out to campus?

We will be rolling Okta MFA out to every tool that is currently protected by the Okta SSO login pages. We will add Okta MFA to one application at a time and communicate to the user base before the change to allow them to complete the enrollment. Don’t worry since you only have to enroll once. This means that when we roll Okta MFA out to other products that you will already be setup and ready to go.