Email / Calendaring

Email Account Creation

Faculty, staff and students can create accounts at  Click the Need a TCU UserName? button to get started. A TCU email account is created in conjunction with the normal account creation process. Employees can create accounts after receiving a TCU ID number. Keep in mind that TCU usernames and email addresses are different. Email addresses generally have a period in them while the username will not.

Reminder About Security

TCU will never ask you to verify your account password, SSN, or other personal data in an email or Instant Message. If you receive an email requesting to provide us with any private details about your account, please delete it immediately. For more information on phishing can be found at

About the TCU Email Account

  1. The email address will end in
  2. Maximum sending email size is 30MB.
  3. Access to the mailbox ends with employment termination.
    1. Students that don’t graduate will continue to have access to mailboxes for a short period after leaving TCU.
    2. Students who graduated after January of 2013 get to keep their email for the life of the service.
    3. Students who graduated before January of 2013 will not have extended email services.
  4. All campus email addresses are stored in the Global Address Book. Personal email addresses can be stored in Contacts.
  5. A spam filter is in place to help make the email system efficient and user-friendly.
  6. Please note that Outlook is the only supported email client on campus for employees.  OWA or Outlook Web Access is the supported email client for students.
  7. The initial quota for employee email is 4GB. This can be increased by creating a ticket and making a business case request. Students are given 50GB of space in O365.
  8. Accessing Email Via the Web:
    1. Employees –
    2. Students –
  9. The domain is:  tcu or

When will my account expire?

Employee accounts will remain active while employed at TCU.  Employee accounts are disabled as soon as HR processes the termination paperwork so make sure that you have removed any personal data that you might need before this is done. Additionally, retirees may keep email accounts active after leaving TCU. Student email accounts will remain active for two full semesters after leaving TCU.

What server do I put when setting up my mobile device?

Check our knowledge base for more details instructions but here are the basic servers that you can use:

  • Employees –
  • Student –

How do I get additional access?

Your supervisor or the owner of the resource must make a request to grant you additional access. These resources can be things like other mailboxes or ownership of distribution lists.

Password Self-Service

Visit to utilize our password self-service tool. This will allow you to unlock your account, change your password, create security questions, or reset your password if you have forgotten it.