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Adobe CC License Change

  • November 20, 2019

Adobe has changed their licensing model from Serial number licensing (having a serial number on a TCU-owned computer) to either a Named User License (NUL) or a Shared Device License (SDL). To address this change, the current Adobe serial license needs to be removed from all TCU computers before expiration in early 2020 and replaced with either a Named license or a Shared license.

  • Named User licenses will be used on all TCU-owned Faculty/Staff Windows and Macintosh computers.
    • Current Faculty/Staff will be assigned NULs.
    • NULs can be assigned to student workers but that must be requested.
  • Shared Devices licenses will be used on all lab and classroom computers along with locations that have computers that are shared by multiple people. Current Students will be assigned SDLs.

Note:  Named License users can login to Adobe on both NUL and SDL machines while users with a Shared Device License can only login to Adobe on machines with a SDL version of Adobe.

In most cases you have already been upgraded but others may have to take action to login or install the updated software.  Once we remove the serial license from your TCU-owned computer, you will be prompted to login to the Adobe Creative Cloud app to install and manage the Adobe products on your computer.  Read below for more information about the different licenses.

Learn more at it.tcu.edu/adobe


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