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myTCU Redesigned

  • October 13, 2017

My.tcu.edu is being upgraded to improve the user experience across all platforms, including mobile, a medium in which user access has tripled in recent years, and large-screen formats. Additionally, there will be larger menu buttons for easier selection and simplified navigation from the home page.


“This initial phase of the new interface has been in the works for a little over a year,” said Josh Harmon, director of Enterprise Application Services. “A committee comprising representatives from IT, the Office of Website Management, Financial Aid, Finance, Human Resources, the Registrar’s Office and Admissions, as well as participants from several focus groups, have worked to ensure this upgrade meets today’s needs and provides the flexibility needed to prepare for tomorrow’s.”


Upon initial login Oct. 16, users may access an interactive walk-through of the new site or watch a brief video tutorial that explains the changes made to the site’s navigation. User credentials—logins and passwords—will remain the same.

In coming months, a secondary upgrade will eliminate the need for a second sign-in when accessing TCUOnline, student email and FrogFolio from my.tcu.edu.

My.tcu.edu. averages 13,500 logins each day, with nearly three times that volume at the start of each semester when students are preparing for classes.

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