Office Phone FAQ


Calling Directions

Campus Calls  Dial four-digit extension

Local Calls   Dial 9 + number

Metro Calls  Dial 9 + 214/972/469/682 + number

Toll Free Dial 9 + 1 + 8xx + number

Local Directory Assistance Dial 9 + 1 + 817 + 555-1212 + PIN

Long Distance Information Outside of (817) Dial 9 + 1 + area code + 555 + 1212 + PIN

Collect Calls  Use a calling card or a non-campus third party number

International Long Distance Operator Assistance Dial 9 + 01 + country code + city code + number.

International Long Distance Direct Dial   Dial 9 + 011 + country code + city code + international dial number + PIN

US Long Distance Operator Assisted Dial 9 + 0 + area code + number


Making a Long Distance call using your PBN (Personal Billing Number)

To make a long distance call on a land line phone, follow these instructions:

  1. Dial “9” to get an outside line
  2. Dial “1” to access long distance service charged at TCU long distance rates
  3. Dial 10 digit number
  4. Listen for 3 short beeps and a dial tone
  5. Enter your PBN which allows this call to be billed to your TCU Connect account from anywhere on campus.

What is a PBN and why are they issued?

Your Personal Billing Number (PBN) functions like a traditional Personal Identification Number (PIN) in that it allows you to make long distance calls from anywhere on campus and bill them directly to your account. Your PBN will be emailed to you at the beginning of each school year.

Security and Liability Issues Regarding Your PBN

Since there are liabilities associated with a PBN, it is imperative you not share it with anyone else. Using another person’s PBN is considered theft and will be referred to the University Disciplinary Process and the TCU police. If you misplace your PBN, call TCU Connect immediately at ext. 4357 to report it. If you don’t follow this procedure you can be held responsible for all calls made with your PBN.

PBN Terms and Conditions

Your PBN is non-transferable. You are responsible for all charges associated with your PBN including applicable state and federal tariffs. If you discontinue your service, please destroy your PBN to protect yourself against unauthorized charges. Notify TCU Connect to cancel your PBN and settle your account. To verify rates, call TCU Connect at (817) 257-4357. If your PBN is lost or stolen, please call TCU Connect immediately at (817) 257-4357.

Dialing with Other Long Distance Carriers

NOTE: Access to Alternate Long Distance carriers is now provided via 800, 877, 876, or 888 numbers provided by your alternate long distance carrier. You may set up an account with an alternate carrier using your home address and home telephone number. (You may not use your residence hall room telephone number.)

Alternate long distance carriers supply specific dialing instructions. Generally they are like AT&T:  Dial 9 + 1 + 800-225-5288 then follow AT&T instructions.

If you are using a long distance carrier other than the ones listed above, read the back of your carrier phone card and follow directions.

Collect Calls & Blocked Numbers: 
You are not allowed to accept collect calls in your room.
900 & 700 numbers are restricted.

Using Calling Cards:
Use dialing information from “Other Long Distance Carriers” above. Usually instructions are on the back of your calling card. Remember to dial 9 before following your carrier’s instructions.

Note: When using a calling card, the carrier has the right to charge a surcharge each time you use their card. Some of these surcharges range from $1.00 to $3.00 a call.


Special Calling Features

Here are some basic techniques for getting the most from your campus phone and PBX. Check with your department managers for methods and policies specific to your environment.

Call Forward to Voice Mail:
You may send all your calls directly to Voice Mail. This feature allows you to screen all of your incoming calls.

1. Pick up phone and listen for a dial tone
2. Dial *3
3. Listen for confirmation tone (beep, beep, beep)
4. Hang up

Cancel Forwarding to Voice Mail:
1. Pick up phone & listen for dial tone
2. Dial #3
3. Listen for confirmation tone (beep, beep, beep)
4. Hang up

Call Forward:
Call forwarding allows you to receive calls at another location on-campus when you are away from your room. With this feature, you program the telephone number to which your calls will be forwarded.

1. Pick up phone & listen for a dial tone
2. Dial *4
3. Dial the number to which you are forwarding your calls
4. Listen for confirmation tone (beep, beep, beep)
5. Hang up

Cancel Call Forwarding:
1. Pick up phone & listen for a dial tone
2. Dial *6
3. Listen for confirmation tone (beep, beep, beep)
4. Hang up

Call Transfer:
Call transfer allows you to send an existing call to another extension on-campus.

1. Flash the switch hook, wait for dial tone
2. Dial the extension of the party to whom you wish to transfer the call
3. Wait for the second party to answer
4. Hang up

Call Waiting:
You will only hear the call waiting beep once. This is your signal to answer the incoming call. **

To use call waiting:
1.  Flash the switch hook
2.  Listen for dial tone
3.  Press *2

To return to the original party:
1.  Flash the switch hook
2.  Listen for dial tone
3.  Press *2


Manuals for Older Phones

*Note:  These models are no longer being deployed on campus.  All new phones are IP based devices and can be found on this site.