Video & Phone Conferencing

What is Zoom?

Zoom is an online video conferencing and instant messaging platform available to all TCU students, faculty, and staff simply by installing the client at and logging in with their TCU username and password.

Conferencing Features

  • Up to 300 participants
  • Join online or by telephone
  • Access from anywhere: Mac, PC, Chromebooks, iOS, Android, and Linux
  • Outlook plugin: Schedule Zoom meetings directly from Outlook
  • Screen sharing: One-click HD screen sharing including video or audio clips
  • Private and group chat: Chat during meetings to all or one-on-one
  • Video breakout rooms: Create smaller teams within one meeting session
  • Co-annotation: Draw directly on shared screen so that notations are viewable by everyone.
  • Simultaneous screen share: Multiple participants can share their screens at the same time
  • Record meetings: Save sessions for later sharing or review.
  • Polling and attendee feedback: Take quick polls and allow attendees to virtually raise their hand or ask the presenter to slow down or speed up.

Learn to Use Zoom

Zoom was chosen for its ease of use, excellent documentation, and online live training.  See the Zoom Live Training site or watch the on demand video training content that they have.

Breakout Rooms

Polling and Reporting

Managing Recordings

Security/User Management

How do I install Zoom?

Zoom can be downloaded from the following site.  Zoom works on Android, iOS, Mac, Windows and Linux systems.

Logging into your TCU Zoom Account

There may be certain situations where the host of the meeting restricts your ability to log into a meeting unless you are a TCU user.  We always recommend that you login to Zoom first before attempting to connect to any TCU hosted meeting. 

  • Download and Open Zoom
  • Click Sign In with SSO on the login page
  • Type in TCU when prompted for the Company Domain
  • The TCU Okta login page will appear.  Just login with your TCU username and password.
  • Once completed it will ask you to click a button to open Zoom

Note You won’t have to do this if you download the version of Zoom that you have listed on as it already has our domain preprogrammed in and will prompt you to login via your TCU account when you open it up. 

Managing your Zoom Preferences

The admin panel will let you modify settings that are specific to the sessions that you host or participate in.  You can access the admin panel by visiting and using your TCU username and password to login.

Licensed (Pro) vs Basic Account

All current TCU employees and students receive a free Basic Zoom account simply by installing the client at A Basic account has virtually all of the same features of a Licensed account except that group meetings of three or more participants are limited to 40 minutes (one-on-one meetings do not have a time restriction). This restriction only applies to the person hosting the meeting. So if a Licensed account hosts a meeting all of the attendees can use free Basic accounts and are not subject to the time restriction.

  • Licensed (Pro) users can host unlimited length group meetings.
  • Basic users can host unlimited length one-on-one meetings and 40-minute group meetings (3 or more participants).
  • Basic users can participate in any Zoom meeting without time restriction.

Protecting Against Zoombombing

ZoomBombing is the name given to gate-crashing Zoom meetings and broadcasting explicit content and disturbing imagery through the tool’s screensharing feature.

Zoom has released guidance for users who want to protect themselves from ZoomBombing. In addition to the following prevention strategies, it’s a good idea to review and configure personal privacy settings in your TCU Zoom account.

Learn more about how to protect your Zoom sessions on the following site.