Eduroam FAQ

Who can use the network?

This network is available for the personal devices of current Faculty/Staff and students only (guests from other eduroam campuses can also use this network). This network is restricted to Internet access only so if you move a TCU Owned device over to this network you won’t be able to print to network printers, access file shares, or access specialized systems that are reserved for the secure network.

Can guests use this network?

Visiting guests from other participating eduroam campuses will also be able to use their credentials to connect to eduroam here at TCU but they must sign on to eduroam on their home campus before traveling to other campuses to get their security certificate enabled. If you have a non-participating guest visit the campus, just log into myTCU and click on the Technology icon to create a three day guest account for them.

What type of devices can I connect to this network?

In order to connect to this network, your device must be WPA2 Enterprise compliant.  This covers mac computers, windows computers, iOS devices (iphone/ipad), and Android devices.

How do I know where I can use eduroam?

Check out the eduroam world map to get an idea of what campuses are participating in the program. We recommend that you attempt to connect to eduroam here at TCU before attempting to connect at another campus just to verify that things are working.

Where can I eduroam?

What types of devices can connect?

In order to connect to eduroam, you must have a WPA2 Enterprise compatible device.  This means that you won’t be able to connect a device like a Smart TV of Gaming Console.  This should work on iOS, Mac, Windows, and Android devices.