File Storage

How can I access my files from off campus?

TCU employees can use VPN and Remote Desktop to connect from a remote computer to a computer located at TCU.  VPN and RDP setup documentation is available for various operating systems including Android, iOS (iPad and iPhone), Macintosh, and Windows.


For access to files only,  Box is a cloud-based storage solution available for Faculty and Staff.  See for details.  Alternatively, files can be downloaded and uploaded from the Homefile (M: drive) share using FTP.

What kind of storage space do get with my student account?

Students are provided with 1 TB of online storage space using OneDrive.  Files saved in OneDrive are private but can easily be shared with others. Additionally, files can be synchronized on multiple devices.  To access OneDrive, login to your TCU Student (O365) account at and select OneDrive from the top menu bar.  More details can be found at the OneDrive page.

How do I request a new common drive?

Contact the IT Support HelpDesk with the desired name of the share and a list of individuals that need permission to access the common drive.

How do I access departmental common drives?

Your TCU account is automatically set to give permission to access your department’s main common drive. Permission to other drives can be requested through the IT Support HelpDesk.

  • When logged into t TCU networked windows machine, the departmental common drive is automatically mapped (usually to the N drive.)
  • To access a different common drive in Windows, obtain the name of the share and follow the directions at: Connect to CommonFile Shares in Windows.
  • To access a common drive on a Macintosh, obtain the name of the share and follow the directions at: Connect to CommonFile Shares on a Mac.

How can I share files with other people in my department?

TCU departments have common drives for file storage which can be accessed by members of the group.  You can also use Box to share files with internal and external users.

How long do employees keep personal storage space after leaving TCU?

Employees:  Access to your personal storage space (HomeFile share) will be disabled when Human Resources changes your employment status  because of termination or retirement.

What is the wwwpub folder?

The WWWPUB folder is a public folder located on the HomeFile (network) share that holds personal web site files.  Faculty and staff can build and host their own website by storing files in WWWPUB  folder.  Their website will be

Where do employees store files?

TCU employees are given personal file storage space (also referred to as HomeFile) on the TCU network.  The data can be accessed easily when on or off campus.  The files are backed up regularly and employees are expected to store critical data on this network space for maximum security.  Documentation for using personal shares on Windows and Macintosh is provided.