Acquisition Policy

Computer Technology Acquisitions Policy

This policy applies to all TCU departments. The intent of the policy is to ensure that computer technology and services comply with University defined support standards and security safeguards. Examples include, but are not limited to:  desktop and notebook computers, servers, workstations, printers, software application systems, operating system software, wireless devices, network equipment or specialized networked-based appliance, and technical/functional computer services including but not limited to: domain names, hosting services, cloud-based software or SaaS.


  • All computer technology for TCU business must be purchased through Information Technology. Computer technology purchased for personal use will NOT be reimbursed by the University. Further, computer technology purchased with personal funds, regardless of the intended use, will NOT be reimbursed by the University.
  • All computer technology assets purchased with University Funds are the property of the University and not a specific faculty or staff member’s personal property. University funds include, but are not limited to, grant funds, endowed funds, restricted, or unrestricted funds.
  • Funding for maintenance or support agreements must be coordinated with Information Technology prior to purchase.
  • All desktop/notebook computers and peripherals acquired must meet University standards. For models and specifications, see the Supported Computer List. In addition to maintain network connectivity, computers and peripherals must meet minimum configuration specifications.  Please see the Minimum Specifications List for the latest requirements.
  • Information Technology must approve any server or specialized appliance requiring network connectivity prior to acquisition.  In addition, the device must meet the required conditions for connectivity.  For current requirements, please see Connectivity Requirements.
  • Network connected servers or appliance devices must reside in an environment approved by Information Technology.
  • Information Technology must approve any technology that incorporates any kind of wireless access to ensure meeting TCU guidelines prior to purchase.  Please see the Wireless Guidelines for current guidelines.
  • Information Technology must review and approve any software application system prior to acquisition.
  • Computer technology procured with restricted funds must be coordinated through Information Technology.

Updated 2011
Approved by Chancellor’s Cabinet, April 12th, 2004