New VPN Solution at TCU

Faculty/Staff, since the new version of iOS and macOS Sierra (which will be released to campus later this week) no longer support our current VPN tool, we have been testing a new solution that we are ready to release to campus.

If you connect to TCU resources from off campus using the VPN, then it will be important for you to transition to this new solution. We expect to turn off the old VPN system at the end of this semester so you have time to decide when you are ready to move over.

How do I install the new VPN?

We have created instructions on how to install the VPN on your device.  Keep in mind that the VPN tool only needs to be installed on a device that you are using off campus in order to securely connect to TCU resources (i.e. Remote Desktop).

How does this affect me?

We recommend that you take time to test out the new VPN connection tool now before we retire the old system at the end of the semester to ensure that your devices work to connect to TCU resources from off campus. If you use the VPN and have upgraded your iPhone/iPad to iOS 10 or your Macintosh computer to macOS Sierra (coming later this week), then you must use the new VPN tool.

We are excited about this change and hope that you enjoy using the new tool.  If you have any questions/problems with VPN, please reach out to the IT Support HelpDesk for assistance.