Changes to TCU Student Printing

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Changes to TCU Student Printing

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We are excited to announce some big changes to the TCU student printing service that is offered on campus.  Please, take a few minutes to review the following items:

We are moving your free pages to a money based system so things will look a little different.

In order to give you some extra flexibility, we are changing over from a free page system to one that reflects your printing balance in the form of money.  This means that instead of having 300 free black/white pages that you will now start with a $30 balance every semester (which equals 300 b/w prints at 10 cents per page).  This also represents an increase in the number of overall free prints from previous years which was set at 200 pages (or $20 in the new system).

This will now give you the flexibility to use your free printing balance on color printers (90 cents per page) which is something that you couldn’t do before.  Keep in mind that this $30 balance only works on the printers that you use in the labs and does not cover copies.  See our service catalog for more information about Student Printing.

You can now print from your personal device to the Pharos printers!

Today we are launching a new system called Pharos MobilePrint.  This system will allow you to print from your personal computer or mobile device simply by attaching and sending the document via email to our online system.  Please, see our MobilePrint page for more information about how this new feature will work with the Pharos printers on campus.