Apple Releases Mojave

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Apple Releases Mojave

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Apple recently released its newest operating system named macOS Mojave for their laptop and desktop computers. While the update to Mojave (10.14) isn’t expected to be dramatic, IT still needs to test key applications and University systems before installing it on campus machines. 

While macOS Mojave is free, we have a process in place that will keep you from being able to perform the upgrade on your TCU machine until we have completed the testing phase.  This is a standard process and one that applies to all releases of new operating systems (including Windows machines).

We already have some common software applications that have reported issues with Mojave and it is customary for vendors to take 60 to 90 days to fully support the release of a new operating system.

Once the new operating system has been tested for compatibility/security and approved by the macOS Committee, then we will send out a message about how to upgrade your machine.  As long as we don’t find any problems, we expect this upgrade to be available by early next year.  Warning:  If you decide to upgrade your personal machine at home to Mojave, you could run into compatibility issues until the campus is ready to support this new operating system.