Upgrade to Internet Explorer 11

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Upgrade to Internet Explorer 11

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Faculty/Staff, this weekend we will be pushing an update to our Windows users that will upgrade them from Internet Explorer (IE) 9 to IE 11.  This upgrade will NOT change the look and feel of the IE web browser, but it will include some added features that will make your experience more positive.

Note:  If your machine is off campus (or turned off) when we push out the update, it will still receive the upgrade when you turn the machine back on or return to campus and connect to the TCU network.

Why are we upgrading?:
Upgrading to IE 11 should provide a few of the following benefits:

  • Web pages will load faster.
  • Compatibility with more websites especially newer sites that have recent web browsing standards applied.
  • Better security in terms of detecting and identifying phishing sites.

If you have a question about this upgrade, you can reach out to the IT Support HelpDesk for assistance.

Technology Purchase Deadline for FY15

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Faculty/Staff, the end of the Spring semester is fast approaching and is bringing us closer to the end of fiscal year 2015. To make certain that all technology purchase requests utilizing current fiscal year funds are fulfilled before the end of the budget year, Information Technology will stop processing technology equipment orders for fiscal year 2015 on Friday, May 1st, 2015 at 5pm.

***Please, email computerpurchasing@tcu.edu for all technology purchasing questions or requests.***

The ordering cut-off is necessary so that any equipment orders placed using current fiscal year funds are received in the current fiscal year and not billed to fiscal year 2016.  We will do our best to make sure equipment is received before the end of May, but cannot guarantee delivery due to variable lead times.  Please order sooner than later to avoid any billing issues.

Be aware that orders received for technology related equipment after May 1, 2015 will be processed in fiscal year 2016.

Acquisitions Policy
Keep in mind that all computers, software, and other computer related technology purchases must be placed through the Information Technology purchasing department.  Technology purchases made outside of Information Technology will not be added to the TCU network and can create support limitations for you and the product. The policy for Computer Technology Acquisitions can be found by visiting the following link: