Fraudulent Email Alert

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Fraudulent Email Alert

On Wednesday, an email about fraudulent COVID-19 Benefits was sent from a compromised TCU mailbox to many faculty, staff and students. We are emailing you today to make sure that you know that this email was a scam in case you are still communicating with these individuals.

Recent Fraudulent COVID-19 Email

Multiple individuals at TCU received the following fraudulent email, advertising fake COVID-19 benefits and asking you fill out an online form with personal information and credit card details.

  • If you received this email, please delete it.  We have scrubbed it from most mailboxes so you may never see this message.
  • If you provided sensitive personal information to the scammer, please watch your TCU accounts and report any stolen credit card information to your credit card company.
  • If you provided your username or password in another other correspondence, you need to reset your TCU password immediately at

(Example of the Message)

ALERT: Keep in mind that messages that are too good to be true should be verified and you should always question any email that asks you to provide private information on a non-TCU website.  

What do you do about other phishing attempts?

Please, take a few minutes to review the following website to learn more about how to identify and handle a phishing email.

To report a suspicious/spam/phishing email, please forward the message to  The IT Security Services team will analyze the reported emails and take appropriate action as needed.