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Homefile Quotas

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On Sunday, September 15th we will be putting quota enforcement policies in place on all of the Homefile shares.  These are often referred to as your personal share or the M: drive and are designed for you to backup and store your business data.

We have always had quotas in place on these drives, but until now we have not put enforcement policies in place to ensure that they stay under the maximum size.  All Homefile shares will be limited to a generous 20GB quota.

If your Homefile share is already over the 20GB quota, you will receive a separate email with information on how these drives will be handled later today.

How does this affect me?
You will still be able to use your Homefile share the same way as before and you will not notice any changes in how the system works.  You may need to reboot your machine when you return to the office on Monday, August 16th if you experience problems with your share.

What if my share reaches the quota limit?
Once you attempt to add a file to your Homefile share that will put it over quota, you will receive an email indicating why you were unable to copy the file over.  You will also receive emails once your share reaches 90 and 95 percent of your allowed space to make sure that you always know where things stand.

We do realize that there are situations that may require an increase in a share’s quota.  If you find yourself in this situation, you can contact the IT Support HelpDesk to present your business case for an increase and we will send that information over to the correct group for approval.  Keep in mind that this may take several business days to process.