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RingCentral at TCU

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RingCentral is currently being rolled out to campus, building by building. We will be communicating to you several weeks before your building goes live so watch for communication about this exciting new phone system. Learn more by visiting Ringcentral.tcu.edu.

  1. Conversion – Phase 1 – Transition entire buildings from digital and analog phones over to IP based phones.  Over 50% of the campus is already on an IP phone and those individuals are ready to move to RingCentral.
  2. Deployment – Phase 2 – Deploy new RingCentral phones to replace the existing IP phones across campus.  We will be doing this in groups of 500 every few months and this phase is expected to take 18 to 24 months to complete. Completion Date – October of 2020
  3. Learning – Phase 3 – Once a user is transitioned to a new RingCentral phone we plan to offer them the opportunity to learn how the system can change how they work.  Individuals will be able to attend online webinars and use RingCentral University to take advantage of this amazing new system.

Visit our special RingCentral website to learn more about this new tool.  http://it.tcu.edu/ringcentral