Two-Factor Requirement For Students

TCU Students,

On Tuesday, May 29th we will begin requiring your enrollment in the TCU two-factor authentication system when you login to myTCU.  This feature is no longer optional and will now be required for everyone that uses the portal.  Having a feature like this in place reduces the chances that someone can get access to your sensitive personal information in the event that your account is ever compromised. 

What is two-factor authentication?

Two-factor authentication is a text, email or voice calling service that provides you with a PIN number when you are trying to access a secure page in the portal.  Once you are enrolled, you will only be prompted to validate your identity via two-factor when you are connecting to myTCU from an off-campus Internet Service provider. 

How will this requirement affect me?

Once you complete the enrollment process, you will be prompted to enter a two-factor PIN every time that you click on a secure part of myTCU from off-campus. 

Warning:  If you share your credentials with your parents to pay bills or view your account, that will no longer be a viable option.  Please, make sure to create Grant Access accounts for these users in myTCU so you can give them access to the resources that they need without sharing your credentials.  Please, reach out to the IT Support HelpDesk if you have questions about this process.