Upgrade to Internet Explorer 11

Faculty/Staff, this weekend we will be pushing an update to our Windows users that will upgrade them from Internet Explorer (IE) 9 to IE 11.  This upgrade will NOT change the look and feel of the IE web browser, but it will include some added features that will make your experience more positive.

Note:  If your machine is off campus (or turned off) when we push out the update, it will still receive the upgrade when you turn the machine back on or return to campus and connect to the TCU network.

Why are we upgrading?:
Upgrading to IE 11 should provide a few of the following benefits:

  • Web pages will load faster.
  • Compatibility with more websites especially newer sites that have recent web browsing standards applied.
  • Better security in terms of detecting and identifying phishing sites.

If you have a question about this upgrade, you can reach out to the IT Support HelpDesk for assistance.