Mavericks Launched to Campus

Faculty/Staff, the TCU Information Technology division, along with the Mac Committee, have tested and approved the launch of Apple’s newest operating system (Mavericks) to the campus.  You will be able to do the upgrade on your own, and it will be launched to a handful of departments each week until it is available to everyone on campus.

Why should I upgrade now?
In May we will begin pushing this upgrade out to all Macintosh users to help reduce the support associated with having multiple operating systems on campus machines.  This is your opportunity to do this when it is most convenient for you and gives you the chance to plan accordingly.

Upgrading also presents you with a series of enhancements that will help to improve your overall experience.  Check out the latest features on the following website:

How do I upgrade?
We plan to open up the ability to install the upgrade on your own to a handful of departments each week and will have it available to everyone by the end of February.  Your department chair or supervisor will be emailed when Mavericks has been released to your group, and they will be provided with step-by-step instructions about what to do.

The IT Support HelpDesk will be more than happy to help answer questions about this change, but the process is easy enough that you should be able to complete the upgrade on your own.  Keep in mind that the installation takes two hours to complete.

If you have a business reason to upgrade to Mavericks before it is launched to your department, then you can create a request with the IT Support HelpDesk, but you are encouraged to wait until it is launched to your group.