New myTCU Security Features

Faculty/Staff and Student Workers,

On November 20th, we will be introducing a new security feature to myTCU called two factor authentication.  This is similar to the services that many of your financial institutions use to verify your identity before allowing you to connect to their online banking resources.  Please, review the information below so you know how to prepare for this change.

How will this affect me?
Once the feature is in place you will have to put in a PIN number (received via text) to access tools in the employee center (i.e. direct deposit, paychecks, and your personal information).  The two factor authentication page will only come up if you are using a computer or mobile device that is OFF campus and you are trying to access an area of myTCU that is protected by this security feature.

Keep in mind that connecting to myTCU through a data plan service like AT&T or Verizon (even if you are physically located on campus) is still considered off campus since you are not doing it through the TCU network.

What do I need to do?
All you need to do is verify that we have an updated cell phone number in myTCU since this tool will use that number to send you a PIN via text message.  Simply login to myTCU, select employee center, and then click the cell phone link to update your information.  Next week we plan to release a short video on how this feature will work so be on the lookout for our message.

We do understand that not everyone will have the ability to receive a text so we plan to add a voice call feature in the near future which will account for these situations and provide you with more flexibility.